By Christy Milan

The aquamarine water sparkles with the sun’s rays as you relax with family and friends. The smell of tasty food fills the air as the spectacular view of Mt.Shasta looms in the distance with hints of snow from the winter past. Take in the serenity and enjoy the ambience of Shasta Lake on the Lake Shasta Dinner Cruise.

Shasta Lake is just north of Redding along interstate 5. It is part of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and has 350 miles of shoreline and about 400,000 surface acres. The average depth is about 400 feet, making this lake a prime vacation spot in Northern California.

Throughout the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Whitetail deer, Black bear, otters, and osprey, call Shasta Lake home. Shasta Lake is also home to one of the largest populations of Bald Eagles in California. Soaring high above the green-blue water, the eagles scan the lake for fish. The eagles appear to be acrobatic in their flight for prey. They mate for life and only seek another partner in the event of death. They have nests near the tops of the shoreline or the ridgeline tree tops. Ponderosa pines serve as a shady nesting sites. One to three eggs are laid in March and usually hatch in April. They young eagles take to flight in July.

Largemouth and smallmouth bass, catfish, rainbow and brown trout, landlocked Salmon, sturgeon and crapple swim the waters of the lake.

One of the best ways to enjoy this area is by taking a cruise. Lake Shasta Dinner Cruise offers a unique dining adventure. The buffet style menu has a variety of choices. Such choices include Tri-tip with smokey rub, lemon zest chicken, Shrimp Skewers, and Vegetable skewers. Sides such as potato & bacon salad, apple lemon quinoa salad, garden salad and artisan bread round out the meal. Desserts add a sweet touch to the end of a perfect meal. Each season presents a diverse menu. Special menus are available upon request.


You and your party will experience stunning sunsets, great food served with hospitality and smiles. The cruise can accommodate couples, parties, weddings and business trips. Private bookings are also available for that extra special creation of memories.

Along with the beauty of Shasta Lake, Mt. Shasta and Shasta Dam, the cruise also offers a trip to the Shasta Caverns. Shasta Caverns is beautiful with stalactites, stalagmites, cave coral and helictites. The experience of light glistening off crystals in the lime and marble walls creates a radiant beauty that awaits the adventurous, who journey into the Caverns. Book with Lake Shasta Dinner Cruise and receive a discount into this other world.

The sun begins to set with a soft warm glow and a slight breeze begins to stir in the ponderosa pines. The lake takes on a tranquility and provides a calmness that radiates throughout the valley. The boat lazily moves across the water and all seems right with the world.

Dinner Cruises open from Mothers’ Day weekend through Labor Day weekend


Caverns open all year