By Christy Milan

There is something to be said for a day that ends with pastel pinks, purples and blues. The limbs of the trees stretch upwards toward the dim light and shadows begin to dance among the skyline. Sunset has come to the Trinity Alps Wilderness. These are California’s very own Alps, with peaks rising to 9,000 feet and over 500,000 acres; this is truly a wilderness adventure. Alpine lakes are scattered among canyons created by glaciers thousands of years ago. Sparkling clear streams meander through the lush green mountain meadows. The wilderness comes alive with blacktailed deer, American black bear, chipmunks and many bird species that call the Alps home.

The Trinity Alps are part of the Klamath mountain system and lie between the coastal ranges of the west and the Cascade Range to the east. Thompson Peak rises to 9,001 feet with other peaks such as Granite peak and Ycatapom Peak rising to a little below or above 8,000 feet. Considered the second largest wilderness area in California, Trinity Alps provides a majestic feeling of awe with its beauty. The Trinity Alps has the second greatest number of conifers than any place in the world. In the Russian wilderness, north of the Alps, grows the greatest number of conifer species in North America. Some species at the Trinity Alps include Pacific silver fir, Engelmann spruce, incense cedar, ponderosa pine, white fir, foxtail pine and weeping spruce. The rare wildflower known as the Trinity penstemon dots the meadows and grasses with its unusual presence.

Local adventure guide company Maverick Outfitters provides a variety of trips to explore the beauty of this region. Trips include hunting, fishing, trail riding or just camping with family and friends. For your adventure they provide reliable packers and wranglers. Maverick Outfitters has been a family run business since the 1940’s. The horses and pack mules provide an enjoyable mountain experience while keeping you safe to enjoy the Trinity Alps and all it has to offer. Home style cooking, sun-heated showers and portable latrines all make the trip a bit more comfortable. You can stay in camp and relax or take a day ride from the camp and explore alpine lakes, glacial canyons and beautiful views. Maverick Outfitters will personalize a custom trip making it an adventure you and others in your group will remember for a lifetime.

Pack Trips

Dunnage  Walk -in

Maverick packs gear in then will come back to pack you out on a set date.

Backpacker Special

They drop off backpack at campsite and you walk at your own pace.

Trail Rides  Enjoy a horseback ride in the Trinity Alps.

Fish Rainbow or Brook trout in the many streams and Alpine lakes.

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