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Almanor Energy’s reputation for great service is well known. Add to that their knowledge and expertise in solar energy, for a great customer experience. They are On Time All The Time, and they offer several guarantees, like their Property Protection Guarantee and their No-Lemon guarantee. Their trustworthy staff is friendly, knowledgable, and respectful of your property. You can expect the best in products and service from Almanor Energy Plus, Inc.

Quick Facts

on Solar

  • Home electricity cost have historically risen 6% per year.
  • A high-performance home PV system can reduce your electric bills by 50% to 90%.
  • A typical 3kW PV system avoids 70 to 100 tons of CO2 emissions over 25 years.
  • Solar is a sustainable, renewable energy source.
  • It has never been more affordable to install a solar PV system.

Local & National


As a part of their top-notch service, Almanor Energy will research your local utility company’s offerings for rebates or other incentives, and seek out any Federal tax incentives and rebates offered there, as well. They will provide the necessary forms for you to file for such incentives, along with receipts, then walk you through the process for applying. Such rebates and tax incentives can cover much of the cost of a new system.

Free Home or Business Energy Assessment

If you are ready to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills for years to come, get the facts on solar energy from a local company you can trust. With decades of experience delivering solar energy solutions, Monte Stelzriede, owner of Alamanor Energy Plus, is happy to fully explain your options. His company will come out and do a free property analysis, so they can accurately quote you on the cost of a new system, and show you where you may be losing valuable energy. Many factors on your property will be assessed to determine the best solar solution for your home or business. Contact Us.

Solar Energy:

A sustainable, renewable energy resource; from a company that is founded on long term customer satisfaction, Almanor Energy Plus, Inc.

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Superior Quality Solar Energy Systems

The greatest factor in determining the effectiveness of your new solar energy system is the efficiency of solar panels. The two major contributing factors are the quality of the panels and the correct placement for the best results. That’s why Almanor Energy Plus prides itself on using the highest quality panels available. SolarWorld panels are made in America and adhere to strict standards in manufacturing, resulting in optimum efficiency and long- lasting equipment.

Placement of panels is critical to optimum efficiency. Almanor Energy is well-equipped with the knowledge and tools to the best assess your property for the optimum placement of the panels. Before you decide to go solar, be sure you are in good hands. Almanor Energy’s integrity, experience and dedication to superior service, will ensure getting the most for your investment.

Almanor Energy Plus is a SolarWorld platinum installer, an elite group of manufacturer-approved, high quality SolarWorld installers. They have been rated based on their excellent installation quality, prompt and respectful customer service, and a commitment to high quality, American-made products. Almanor Energy Believes in long term customer satisfaction, the very reason they chose to partner with SolarWorld.