Bird Watching at Almanor

The Lake Almanor Causeway is the sight to behold as you head into Chester from Westwood and Susanville on Highway 36. In fall and winter the waters and meadows fill with a host of seemingly magical avian creatures. Bald Eagles, Osprey and a wide variety of birds visit this easy-to-view location at various times, year ‘round.
Birds along the causeway include a large number of waterfowl like double-crested cormorants, great blue heron, tundra swan, and American white pelicans. Canada geese, snow geese, turkey vultures and grebes are also among the many varieties to be viewed at Almanor. Osprey
Another good spot for viewing on the lake is near the campgrounds and recreation trail on the west shore. There, both shorebirds and forest-dwellers abide in the area. Species include pileated and white-headed woodpeckers, flycatchers, mountain bluebirds, and white-breasted nuthatches.

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