Buffalo Chips Pizza- A Family Tradition for 35 Years


I remember well the opening of Buffalo Chips Pizza & Pub on New Year’s Eve, 1979. During the weeks of practice before opening the restaurant, my sister Merilyn, the owner, had covered the entire front windows with paper and a giant sign that said OPEN NEW YEAR’S EVE – 6:00 p.m.. It was a busy day, chopping fresh veggies for the salad bar, making dough and making everything perfect. We only hoped someone would show up to eat.

At 5:57 p.m., we realized the paper was still on the window and I went to take it down. “Merilyn, come look.” Tears of joy welled up as we looked through the small opening in the paper and saw a huge crowd lined up all the way into the street. We turned on the oldie’s music, she’d planned for ambience, opened the doors and it was amazing. Every table was full. Everyone had a ball.

Every pizza was delicious and all the new customers were thrilled with all the offerings at Buffalo Chips. Not much has changed since that day, as far as the food goes, and Merilyn’s dedication to using fresh, quality, real ingredients. What has changed is that Ryan Gibbs, who was two years old when the place opened, has now been the owner of Buffalo Chips for 14 years. He does his best to carry out every tradition Merilyn envisioned from the start, with honor, as a legacy to his mom.

Everything is prepared fresh from scratch, including their fresh dough made in 50 lb. batches and set out to rise each morning. The finest meats and freshest vegetables are sliced up daily and fresh, real cheese is grated in-house. The salad bar is packed with fresh ingredients and house-made dressings. They also make delicious homemade soup every day and bake plenty of my Grandma’s homemade bread recipe, which is served warm at the table with real whipped butter. They hand throw their fresh dough and twist up the edges of their pizzas for a beautiful presentation, “Merilyn-style.”

Sandwiches are many and piled high at Buffalo Chips. Every day they cook a real turkey breast for their Turkey Temptation sandwich. It’s layered on Grandma’s homemade bread with mayo, lettuce, avocado, fresh tomato and cheese of choice. There are so many choices, from soup and salad with homemade bread, to loads of hearty sandwiches like their famous Beefy Cheese Supreme, Polska Kielbasa, French Dip, and Grilled Ham and Cheese, to name a few.

Appetizers include Garlic Bread, Hot Wings and Jalapeño Poppers. Gourmet Pizzas have been added over the years and their line-up is irresistible.

Buffalo Chips is family-friendly. Ryan has kept things affordable, and offers Kiddie Specials and free soft drink refills. There are arcade games and TVs in the back room and free wi-fi too. Gluten Free choices are also available. Just six miles from Lake Almanor and 20 miles from Susanville, Buffalo Chips Pizza is open 7 days a week.

Buffalo Chips Pizza & Pub

322 Birch St. Westwood





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