By Eileen Majors

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It seems that staging homes for sale still seems to be working even in today’s real estate market according to a study published by the Real Estate Staging Association. On vacant homes, a 2007 study showed that house for sale in Mission BC spent 68% less time on the market when staged. The same study of 2008 showed that staged homes spent 85% less time on the market meaning the same tricks are still working. The Stove Junction

We took a look back at some of the tips provided by local home stager, Naomi Turner, of Room by Room Interiors and from the home staging industry. We found everything from the importance of curb appeal and the first look inside the front door to extensive cleaning instructions. All stagers seem to agree on the ultimate importance of removing clutter and personal items from the home such as family photos. It is important to allow the potential buyer the opportunity to picture their own things in the house. Clutter can also make a room look small as can having too much furniture in a room.

Cleaning is another huge component of home staging as professionals recommend scrubbing baseboards, vacuuming corners, polishing chrome fixtures, dusting ceiling fans and cleaning windows. Sweeping porches, raking debris and trimming up the garden can also provide big pay offs for little or no cost. Whether you are interested in hiring a professional to stage your home or in obtaining a consultation describing the specific things you can do to make your home show better and potentially sell faster, there are local companies to help like Room By Room Interiors of Susanville.

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