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Feather Your Nest with the Colors of Fall

by Jeanne Brovelli, Interior Re-designer

La Casa Bella Fine Furnishings

As the nights cool and the gorgeous colors of fall begin to delight our senses, we are naturally inclined to embrace those warm Autumn colors. We do this with our wardrobe and we can also do this in our homes. While we can’t change all of our furnishings with each season, there are some simple things we can do to celebrate the season indoors through décor. Changing out or adding to the pillows on a sofa, adding a different throw, putting out an accent pottery piece or vase, or switching to fall florals are just a few of the things we can do that create a whole new feeling to a room. Putting out fall-toned tablecloths, placemats or runners, changing out towels or throw rugs in the bathroom, strategically placing some fall-colored candles throughout the house and adding some autumn potted flowering plants, like mums, are some other ways to add just the right accent to bring that fall feeling indoors.

This season some of the new trends in colors in fashion include a true red, a deepened earthy shade of orange, a warm shade of olive, and a honey yellow. These are a few of the colors we might naturally associate with fall. Combining these with other new trend colors can create some unique and attractive color combinations. We all have our own favorite time-tested colors as well.

Adding new accent accessories doesn’t always mean we need to get rid of what we already have. Often just the right new color accent combined with what we already have can give a room a whole new look for the season. In addition, using natural materials such as grasses, seed pods and gourds as well as rich metal pieces in bronze, antique gold etc. are a nice way to add some texture, variety, and contrast to fall arrangements.

A note on choosing larger pieces or a new wall color: its important to think about what feeling we want a room to evoke and colors carry their own emotional feeling. Colors also affect how large or small, warm or cool a space will feel. For example warm colors like yellow, orange, and red will make a room feel warmer and the darker tones will make a room appear smaller, whereas the cooler greens and blues will have the opposite effect.

One final thing to consider when “seasoning” your home this fall is furniture placement.

Do you have a stunning fall tree or spectacular view from your home of fall foliage? Consider placing a small table and chair set or other seating by this window so that the scene can be enjoyed often. So do enjoy Autumn once again in this beautiful area of ours and as you do, add a little fall accent to your home!