By Eileen Majors

An Eye For Something 


I have a friend, in fact a couple, that are amazing antique shoppers. They always seem to come home with the fineries from decades past. Pure silk, solid pewter or hand painted, they spot it. They seem to know items by their era and which carry a higher value. In this new regular antiques segment we hope to share some of their tips, and to show you a few things to keep an eye out for in your shopping endeavors.

Antique Parlor

Parlor set up at Skyway Antique Mall in Paradise, California. This Room is fit for any antique lover, full of amazing finds.









Get to Know Your Local 

Antique Dealers

If you are looking for something to fill that empty space on your floor, an antique can be an intriguing idea. These often solid and well made home furnishings offer an air of distinction and some pretty cool places to display some of your favorite things. A hutch, a bookcase, or even a small shelf can not only give the room a distinct look from a particular era, it can provide a spot that will set apart a favorite item or two for display. An old oil lamp atop the dresser, an antique tray on the dresser or your favorite china displayed in a hutch, all make for a great display. Talk to the dealer and let them know about the space you are trying to fill and a bit about your taste. Often they can show you right to something you love. Get out and find a new piece of antique furniture, then showcase a few of your favorite accessories.

If you know what you want, let the dealers know, and leave your contact information in case one of them has the opportunity to bring that special item your way. Getting to know the dealers and talking to them on your trips into the shops will give you a better insight into where particular pieces came from. Learning a bit of history about antiques will only help you in the future as you make those all-important buying decisions.



Love Antique Christmas 

Framed Art Tree

Attic Treasures in Paradise, California has treasures of all kinds like this framed tree art.


I have a few hand painted glass ornaments given to me by a good friend. I treasure them and every nostalgic ornament I place on the tree. If you are like me and love antiques tucked around every corner of your home, start your own collection of old ornaments by visiting local antique shops. Start with one or two each year and keep your eyes peeled throughout the year. Before you know it you will have enough of them to set a nostalgic holiday scene.