Snowman TreeSnowman Trees

By Melissa Wynn

Step outside the tree decorating box this year. Snowmen are everywhere during the winter holidays so why not as the Christmas Tree? There are many variations of this fun and festive theme, have fun with it.

I opted to do a tiny, cowboy snowman tree and the materials were very inexpensive. I used a 2’ artificial white tree ($3.00 online), 1 set of miniature snowman ornaments ($3.50 online auction), 1 styrofoam ball ( under $2.00), a doggie  Halloween costume for the hat and boots ( about $7.00), a silk napkin for the scarf, the pipe is two pieces of a stick, cut and glued together, the end of an orange crayon for the nose and all the buttons came out of our family button tin.

A string of lights colored or white lights, or even rope light, could be added for the bling. Choose a top hat with a corncob pipe and a button nose in the spirit of Frosty the Snowman, try it on a full size tree. Even a green tree could work with all white lights, snowflake or clear glass ornaments and lighted bulb buttons down the front.  The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.

Unique Trees Space Saving Trees

By Melissa Wynn

Are you tired of rearranging your entire living space to accommodate your Christmas Tree? Perhaps, like me you live in a small space that simply doesn’t have room for a traditional tree. These days anything goes, so why not put a tree of art work on your wall?

The lovely tree pictured was put together by  Laura Wesamaan using a few handy strings of ribbon and handful of her favorite baubles. The photo was taken and shared with us by Liisa Jokinen of

These space saver trees on the wall can be made of anything you can imagine. We saw them made of photos and vintage ornaments, old costume jewelry, popcorn strings, driftwood and lights and a variety of other mediums. It’s your tree, make it out of anything you like.

Wreath TreeHanging Wreath

By Dana Frieling 

This is the brilliant idea I had  that seemed like an original, but evidently it’s not. My friend walked in and immediately said, “Oh, I’ve wanted to do that for years. It’s all over Pinterest.” Ummm, I didn’t see one when I looked. Oh well!

Here’s a close-up of the ribbons. I used a sheer organza ribbon to accentuate the floating effect.

Don’t look too close or you’ll see the hot mess that’s hiding under the big bows. Every ribbon is tied to the chandelier then, 2 big bows, one on each side, hide the evidence.

The “trunk” of our floating tree is a vase filled with coffee beans and a candle.

While the ornaments hang, sprigs fill in the remainder of the wreath.

One last shot of the view from our front door.

I was a little concerned about the weight of the wreaths being too heavy, but so far so good. Wouldn’t that stink to come home to a damaged ceiling, broken chandelier and crushed table? Yikes! You may want to secure it to a beam or stable place in your home.Eileen | Mountain Valley Living Magazine