Silverware set

By Eileen Majors

I love antiques. They don’t have to be expensive or rare; they just have to ‘grab’ me. From the china cabinet I was lucky enough to pick up for $20 in the 1970’s to the oil lamps I paid much more for in recent years, I treasure them all. So when one of our crew suggested this new antique section, I was “in”. We will be searching through the mountains and valleys to show you what we find out there. This month’s travels took us to the valley for a wide assortment of great ‘finds’.

As the holidays come upon us, many of us are looking for the perfect sentimental gifts that will mean the most; such gifts often invoke memories from the past. There is treasure in finding those special pieces that take us back to Grandma’s kitchen or amid another fond memory from our lives. Sharing those memories can often be done with an antique or even a trinket from any era in time that sparks a good memory. I have a plate hanging on my wall that replicates the dishes my late sister had from the early 1970’s when I lived with her. I love it.

As you shop for those special holiday gifts, take a walk through a local antique store to see if anything “grabs” you, or reminds you of someone else. It may just make a perfect gift.

Some of Our Great Antique Finds…

Check out this stunning 1800’s Bedroom Set. $3500 - Located at Jeannie’s Antiques in Paradise

Check out this stunning 1800’s Bedroom Set. $3500 – Located at Jeannie’s
Antiques in Paradise




China filled hutch

We loved this pretty Hutch, Glassware and
China located at DejaVu Antiques in Paradise.





Unique Cigar Box Guitars By OneSixTwo

Unique Cigar Box Guitars By OneSixTwo found at Aunt Mabel’s General Store in Paradise


Cozy Bench

The Vintage Shoppe in Paradise features this unique looking bench, a cozy spot for

Holiday table

Holiday table set at Jindra’s in Redding




















Gifts For Antique Lovers & Collectors

You know who they are; they are the ones that adapt a flair for decorating with antiques, and often a look through their home will tell you what they might want to add to their collection. If they have a particular piece on display as part of their home decor, you can probably bet it is because they love the it. Perhaps because of the color, the pattern or just the feeling it evokes in them. Take a quick photo of it with your cell phone so you can look for a matching piece. Look at their collections to see what they might be lacking. For example, perhaps you can add a matching serving dish to a much loved set of dishes. Or if you notice a bunch of brass in their home, chances are they would love another brass piece.

Skyway Antique Mall in Paradise features this beautiful Murphy bed . The first photo shows the bed when it is in the closed position, and the second photo shows the bed open. This bed is perfect for company or small homes and spaces.

Murphy bed open

Murphy bed closed