By Teresa Ambord

Photos by Paradise Parks & Recreation

As if the town of Paradise wasn’t heavenly enough, now for those who love ice skating, it’s even better. For eight weeks in the winter, it truly is paradise on ice at the Paradise Ice Rink, the only outdoor ice rink closer than Mt. Shasta.

Ice Skating

Located right on the Skyway at the Terry Ashe Recreation Center (6626 Skyway), Paradise Ice Rink will open for its third season on November 14th.  Barring rain, it will remain open every day through January 10th.

Skaters young and old, steady on their feet or not-so-steady, are welcome for some winter fun and fresh air exercise. If you’re not-so-steady, ask one of the helpful employees for a device that’s similar to a walker to help you get started and keep you upright while you gain confidence.


Happily, much of the ice rink season coincides with the Santa Claus season.  In fact, Santa will be there along with two live reindeer, to greet and entertain visitors on December 5th  from 2:00 pm to 6: 00 pm.

If you miss seeing Santa on the 5th, you have two more chances, on December 12th and again on the 19th, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.  The reindeer will only accompany Santa on his December 5th visit.

The Details

Skaters can stay all day for $12.  Skate rental is included for those who don’t have their own.  Individual and family season passes, or 10-visit passes are available at special prices, and even more special for members.

To encourage kids to come out for some after-school exercise and winter fun, they have “School Days Two-for-One Night” events, where you pay for one admission fee and one friend skates for free. Mark your calendars to take advantage of them all: November 16-19; November 30-December 3.  December 7-10; December 14-17, and January 4-7.

Family ice skating The rink is open Monday-through Thursday from 2:30 pm-8:00 pm and Friday, until 10:00 pm.  Saturday the rink is open from 11:00 am until 10:00 pm and Sundays, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.

There’s More…

Have an event coming? You can reserve a room, complete with tables and chairs at the Terry Ashe recreation center, perfect for birthday parties or family gatherings.

Are you musically talented? This season, the rink is inviting musical performers to showcase their abilities on the rink’s new outdoor stage. Age is no barrier, so don’t be shy, but music should be secular and appeal to all age groups. If you’re interested, contact Dean Moore, the Center’s Recreation Superintendent at 872-6393.

Don’t forget to check out more pictures of the rink by going to Facebook and typing in Paradise Ice Rink.