By Melissa Wynn

Now that the excitement of the holidays is over, many of us are focused on finding ways to stick to that New Years resolution to eat healthier.

These well intended, annual self-improvement efforts often fall by the wayside as soon as our chosen diet leaves us feeling deprived.

Choosing healthier foods leads to smaller numbers on the scale, but it can still be delicious and satisfying. Many experts agree, that by simply preparing dishes containing five ingredient or less, we can tip the scale in the desired direction as well as improve our overall health. That may not sound like much to work with, but with a little imagination the possibilities are endless.

Here are a few recipe ideas for each meal of the day to get you started on the minimalist path to maximum flavorful success. Each recipe should be multiplied to serve more than one person.


Hot Cereal and Fruit

1 Serving Old-Fashion Rolled Oats, Cream Of Wheat or Malt-O-Meal (prepared as directed)

1/4 cup of your favorite fruits or nuts, cooked with the cereal or fresh

Top With:

2 Teaspoons Brown Sugar or Honey

Cinnamon to taste

1 small pat of Butter or 2 tablespoons applesauce

Stir and enjoy this hearty way to start your day.

Healthy Homemade Oatmeal With Berries








Spicy Stuffed Pablano Peppers

1 Pablano Pepper (split and cleaned)

1 scrambled egg or serving of egg substitute (cooked until just done)

2 Tablespoons crumbled turkey sausage

2 or 3 drops of your favorite hot sauce to taste

1 pinch of shredded pepper jack cheese

Toss scrambled eggs, sausage and hot sauce. Stuff into peppers. Top with cheese and bake at 350 degrees until cheese is melted and bubbly.


Stuffed Avocado

1 Avocado

1/4 cup Diced Cooked Shrimp

2 Tablespoons Diced Fresh Tomatoes

1 Tablespoon Diced Cucumber

1/2 Lemon

Scoop out seeded avocado, leaving a thin layer in each half. Dice the avocado and in a bowl mix with shrimp, tomatoes and cucumber. Salt and pepper the mixture and squeeze in the lemon. Toss and serve in the hollowed out avocado halves.

Orchard Chicken Salad

1 Apple of your favorite variety cored, peeled and cut into chunks

1/2 Cup cooked shredded chicken

1 Slice red onion slivered

1/4 Cup chopped walnuts

A bed of your favorite greens

Toss all ingredients with a squeeze of lemon juice and serve.

Fresh healthy salad with grilled chicken and apples. Macro with









You Choose Pasta

1 Serving cooked Whole Wheat Pasta

2 Tablespoons seasoned extra virgin olive oil

1/2 Cup any cooked meat or seafood

1/4 each of any vegetable cooked or raw

2 tablespoons grated parmesan or other cheese

Toss all ingredients to evenly coat with seasoned and cheese and serve.

Lean Meat and Potatoes

1 Chicken Breast, Center Cut Pork Chop, Lean Steak or Fish Fillet, Broiled and seasoned to taste

1 Baked Potato Russet, Red, Yukon gold, Sweet Potato or Yam

1 Serving steamed or grilled vegetable of your choice

This three-ingredient classic leaves two to let you top your chosen potato like you like it.

Steak Dinner