For Jeweled Village, You will need:

Imagination + Quart, pint & small milk cartons. sandpaper for roofs (or glittered paper), craft glue, hot glue gun, craft paint (we used gold and red), glass tiles – beads, buttons, round, square & rectangle, or choose your own theme.

Grandkids Merilyn, Madison, Genesee, and Raegan started this project. They had fun painting buildings and craft sticks, gluing and creating the buildings. We also created stars, beaded-look trim and ornaments from a craft dough we baked. Our hand painted ornaments went on the Christmas Tree that our office manager Jessica made from faux greenery.

Our buildings began as half and half cartons. (In our office, those pile up). We cut them to make them shorter. Two sizes of “Popsicle” craft sticks come in handy for roof building. Ricrac and other fancy ribbon doubles as building trim. We covered our board with white felt and added quilt batting for snow. We topped it with sparkly clear glitter.