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1. ZODI Outback Gear Safe Tent Heater This gift is for those who enjoy Fall or Winter camping! Heater remains outside tent, while heater tubes extend into tent. Its tough steel construction and compact design makes it a quality gift. The fan connects to any 12-volt battery for up to five hours of warm air per gas cylinder, delivering 10,000 BTU’s of safe heat. The lid converts into a sturdy base to hold the propane cylinder.


2. Grabber Toe Warmers Choose from single packs of two or packs of eight pairs. The heat lasts up to 6+ hours and they fit comfortably in shoes or snow boots. Adhesive holds warmers in place. Hand warmers are also available; both are inexpensive gifts.

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3. Gloves for All Winter Sports Look for ski gloves with velcro wrist straps designed for all winter temperatures. Make sure they are waterproof. Choose from different thread and strap colors and look for a sure-grip design.

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4. The Original Beard Beanie This cold weather, one piece striped beanie is knitted with hand-crocheted beard and mustache to keep your head warm. It is both practical and whimsical! Various styles fit children through extra large adult head sizes. It is made of 100% acrylic yarn in Logan, Utah.

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5. Kids Snow Sleds Racing downhill on kids’ sleds is an all-time favorite winter pastime. Sleds are usually composed of plastic, wood, metal or mixed materials. They are easy for almost any child to carry or handle, and many designs are lightweight and inexpensive. One popular type of sled for kids is the saucer. A large variety of products are available. Check your local sporting goods retailers and hardware stores.

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6. Men’s and Women’s Snow Pants Snow Pants are ideal for winter excursions when you want greater certainty that you will stay dry in the snow. Worn over your regular pants, a quality pair are made with 100 percent polyester and waterproof materials. They also have insulation, which keeps you dry and warm. Some brands have a hidden elastic band around the ankles, preventing these pants from riding up your legs. Consider a pair with belt loops and pockets for your persoanl items.



7. Ski Goggles Protect your eyes in bright snow conditions with large fitting goggles, delivering a wide peripheral view for superior vision on the slopes. Lenses provide anti-fog treatment and 100% UV protection for superior definition by cutting glare.