How to create fun Halloween decorations using items you probably already have around your house! Kids will LOVE this! And since you may have most of the materials you will need your wallet will too!

Materials needed:

• Empty Milk Jugs rinsed out thoroughly (make sure you save the top)

• Black permanent markers or Sharpies

• Utility Knife or Scissors

• Strand of miniature white Christmas lights


• After milk jugs have dried, you can draw whatever kind of ghost face you’d like with your marker. Be creative, be spooky or be goofy, just have fun with it!

• Cut a 1-inch round hole in the back of the milk jug. (FOR SAFETY REASONS PLEASE MAKE SURE AN ADULT DOES THIS PART!)

• Using your strand of white Christmas lights push 3-4 lights into the hole.

If you prefer you can use a Tealight candle. Just make sure that if you do use a candle you cut a second hole near the top of the milk jug for ventilation. Happy Halloween!