by Melissa Wynn

As we all become more health conscience we learn that the top ten tips always include drinking plenty of water. Sounds simple enough, but there is more to consider than a visit to nearest faucet. Not all tap water is tasty or free of toxins so many folks turn to bottled water.

As a result, tens of billions of plastic containers end up in our landfills and oceans every year and we must realize that the solution begins with us. Constant reminders to reuse and recycle to save our planet are everywhere and people are taking notice.

So how do we keep hydrated and healthy without polluting our planet in the process? High tech filtration systems can provide pure, safe drinking water right in your home or business. You can be healthy and “Go Green” at the same time.

In 1996, Pure Health Solutions Incorporated introduced a high tech system that not only filters contaminates, it sanitizes your drinking water with activated oxygen. No more micro toxins or bacteria and higher oxygen levels make for a refreshing and eco-friendly water supply.

Learn more about this revolutionary alternative to bottled water from LaForce & Oregon Purified Water Systems online at or give them a call at 530-894-7800.