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Courtesy of Intermountain Dentistry

   Dental floss is actually a toothbrush! While that may sound kind of funny, it is the truth. The only difference with dental floss is that you use the side of the bristle to brush with rather than the end. 

   I often tell people who don’t floss much or not at all, to consider what their teeth would look like and feel like if they only brushed as often as they floss. “Yuck!” is often the response! This is something that everyone who is interested in good oral health should consider. When we think of brushing our teeth, why is it that we only brush the cheek side and the tongue side of the teeth? Doesn’t it seem right to brush the whole tooth? 

   So, the only toothbrush that can brush between the teeth is a piece of dental floss! The floss is like detailing your car, getting every space and crevice clean. Together with your toothbrush, that’s the only way you can brush the whole tooth. Well, these days, with the best water flossers on the market, there are alternatives, but you need to spend a few bucks more to get your whole tooth.

   Indeed, cleaning between the teeth is arguably the most important part of the teeth to brush, since not only is this the area that gets most of the cavities, it’s also where most gum disease occurs. No one wants to have cavities or sore gums, yet the most important part of oral health includes considering the health of the whole body, and that is preventing gum disease! 

   Get into the habit of FLOSSING your teeth every day! Use the toothbrush that cleans between the teeth to brush the whole tooth rather than just half of it using your regular toothbrush alone. This will get you the great oral health you deserve and need.