By Melissa Wynn

As the days become shorter and the snow begins to silently frost the mountains, we are busy tuning up the snowmobiles. The Sierra is dotted with great places designated for those of us that love to sled the slopes full power. We have a few favorites, but time and again we are drawn back to Jonesville Snowmobile Area of the Lassen National Forest. Over 70 miles of snowmobile trails are hidden in plain site, just off of Highway 32, at the warm and laid back community of Butte Meadows. Trek through the frosted forest, over hill and dale, through the valleys and soak in the beauty of this spectacular area. The Butte Meadows Hillsliders are a great group of folks who groom the trails for Jonesville Snow Park. This adventurous group also built a warming hut for snowmobilers to stop in and enjoy. The place is equipped with a wood stove, tables and benches and two barbecues folks can use. The building was built by the club with grant funds on US Forest Service property, then given back to the forest service, who manages this wild winter playground. Those interested in joining the Hillsliders Snowmobile Club can visit them online at Load up the family and bring your favorite snow toys to Butte Meadows, your next adventure awaits.