By Eileen Majors

Party Penguins



  1. Black olives
  2. Cream cheese
  3. Carrots
  4. Toothpicks


(Note: These are not super fast or easy, but they sure are cute! You may want to make just a dozen or so to stand guard over the relish tray. Our kids had fun making them.)


Cut one slice of carrot about 1/2 inch thick for the base (feet); cut out one tiny triangle from the carrot slice. It will become the beak. Poke it into the back end of an olive (pointed side out), to make the beak, using a bit of cream cheese if needed to make it stay. Make a little ball of cream cheese about half the size of an olive. Slice open one side of a second olive and insert the ball of cream cheese for the belly. Smooth out the cream cheese with a knife for a white, round belly. Poke the toothpick into the top of the head and into the top of the olive filled with cream cheese. Make sure  the belly and beak point the same direction. Now poke the toothpick with body and head into the carrot with cutout in the front. This will be the feet. Cut a thin slice of carrot and cut out a bow tie shape with a knife. Adhere ‘bow tie” to the cream cheese at your penguin’s neckline.


These are as tasty as they are cute!