By Melissa Wynn

Picture-of-cute-toddler-lookinby Anna Omelchenko, Stock Photo-39169006Picture-of-cute-toddler-lookinby-Anna-Omelchenko-Stock-Photo-39169006

Are you look for a unique gift idea this holiday season that will truly mean something to the receiver for years to come?  It seems impossible to buy something meaningful amid the acres of bath sets, tools and cozy slippers. But their are a few special gifts that will not only touch the heart of your loved ones but also require more breaking out your heart and less from your handbag. Get started early so you don’t give yourself away. It’s all about the photos, here a few ideas for some of those we love the most.

• Mothers and Grandmothers: Collages and Family Tree framed photos. Be creative, gather photos of as many generations as you can,from her grandparents to her grandchildren. Include photos that include special moments, looks of pure joy, silliness and times long forgotten. Another great idea is to get a very recent photo of her and each of  her children in a similar setting and pose and arrange them with her photo slightly larger and at the focal point of your collage. Honor her as the family matriarch.

• Brothers and Sisters: You can say volumes in a tiny photo album. Gather photos of yourself and your sibling from as young as possible to current times and arrange them in order of time. Include as many photos of just the two of you as possible, crop the other people out when you can. Ask yor parents, grandparent, aunts and cousins what ancient photos they might have that you can size and copy to fit the album you choose . Its a great way to spend some quality family time while you wander down memory lane together. Name your album ” a book of you and me” or “the book of us.”Another great album for siblings is your favorite photos of their family that you have captured but never shared over the years. Create a cover photo online that lets them know that this is “your family through my eyes”.


• Fathers and Grandfathers: Sometimes these guys re hard to choke up with a gift but where there is a will there is a way. This album may take a bit a footwork but with email and social media it is easy to get a photo in just a day or two. Many men are stoic so this album should be of people that can’t be with them on Christmas. Gather photos of the children and grandchildren that live far away and won’t be with them this year. Try to get them as recent as possible. Include photos of their loved ones that have passed on. Don’t forget the old high school buddy that he hasn’t seen in years. Name the album simply “wish you were here.”

• Husbands and Wives: We all know that marriage is work so what better time than Christmas than to show each other you care. With todays technology all you need to do is carry your camera or cell phone with you and capture photos of each other doing the things that make you love them. Photograph your wife making your favorite meatloaf in that ridiculous apron. Snap a photo of your husband working on your car. Capture as many simple and real moments as you can. Try to get a few of him or her in heartfelt laughter, sleeping peacefully or expressing tears of pure joy. Arrange them in the order YOU feel them and name your album”let me count the ways.”

Whether you make it an album, or have it printed on a mug or fuzzy blanket, a picture says a thousand words.These albums say the words that we all too often forget to say. You don’t have to give a lot of money this holiday season. Relive a reason for the season and give a little love instead.