Courtesy of Paul’s Automotive

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“Recharge your AC system for a fraction of what the experts charge”. Doesn’t that sound great? Courtesy of Paul’s Automotive “You too can be an expert in a can in only a few minutes.”

“ I would want to run right out and buy it too, BUT, what about what they are not telling you?

A customer walks into the shop with his “AC Expert in a can”. He states I used this last year and it worked, so why doesn’t it work this year? Because “Expert in a can” does not tell you about the need to correctly service your system nor does it tell you about the damage that occurs when you incorrectly hook into your ac system service port.

Your Air Conditioning system is a sealed unit, but is not perfect: O’rings; seals; valves; and other components wear out and start to leak. The leak is often so small that you do not notice it failing until it is the middle of the summer and normally the hottest day. When the system leaks Freon out, contaminated air and moister fill in the empty space.  The reason your “Expert in a can” does not work properly is because the contaminated air and moister need to be evacuated (vacuumed) from the system; the system dried; recharged with clean Freon (to the appropriate level); and the correct oil to lubricate / condition the system. Over charging does cause component failure (and normally the most expensive component, the compressor, fails) and undercharging leads you back to your original problem. When you charge your system you are compressing / imbedding the contaminants in to the components. This may cause early and very expensive failures.Your Air Conditioning system is used year round: you use it to cool off in the summer and your defroster uses it to clear the windshield and keep the vents dry in the winter. If you do not have a properly working system through winter, the moister that develops in the vents may turn to smelly mold.

Auto Repair centers invest in machines that evacuate; dry; recharge; and lubricate the system. Most machines test for the leaks. If a leak is found they will discuss your options with you. Normally early detects leads to minimal expense to repair.  Walking in with your “expert in a can” and a failed system normally means expensive repairs due to extensive damage to the system. Paying a licensed shop to evacuate; dry; recharge; and lubricate your AC system is much less expensive.