By Melissa Wynn

Small family businesses are the backbone of the economy in our small mountain communities and no business embodies that lifestyle more than House of Custom Cabinets in Hamilton Branch on Lake Almanor. Owner/operator Dave House has been building and installing cabinetry in this neck of the woods for forty two years and we all know there is no substitute for experience. In the shop since they were toddlers, Dave’s sons naturally joined the family business as soon as they were of age. Davy came aboard in 1984 and Dennis in 1989. As the boys families grew so did the crew. Dennis’ son-in-law Juan joined the crew in 2012 and this efficient staff continues to supply the Lake Almanor basin and surrounding areas with top-notch service. Anyone can go to a big box chain and pick out cabinets but like Dave tells MVL, “In box stores you are limited to what they offer in certain sizes. When you go with a custom built cabinet you can design anything you want, also any size you want.” Many people believe that custom means costly but as Dave says, “If you are going to be paying for someone to install your box cabinets it is probably going to cost even more since they take longer to install. You have to put multiple cabinets together to get the same length that we would build for you in one piece. Our cabinets have no fillers and are built wall specific.” When you think of new cabinets for your home or business, think of your neighbors at House of Custom Cabinets. Rest assured that the same guys that designed and built your cabinets will be the same guys installing them. Your cabinets, your way. Let Dave House beautify your house from his house of custom cabinets.