By Melissa Wynn

Late in July on a Sunday afternoon I climbed on the back of a shiny black Harley and took a ride to Susanville to meet the members of B.A.C.A. Mt. Lassen Chapter. My rumbling ride came courtesy of “Caveman”, group Vice President. Each B.A.C.A. volunteer assumes a road name to help protect themselves and the anonymity of the abused children they serve.

This world wide organization is comprised of big hearted, motorcycle enthusiasts willing to donate their time and protective presence to insure that abused children feel safe and secure in scary situations. Any victim of documented child abuse (i.e. police report, court case ) is eligible for B.A.C.A. services at the request of their parent, foster parent, or legal guardian.

Once an abused child is enrolled they receive the traditional  B.A.C.A. vest, a ride on a members motorcycle and are formally adopted into the B.A.C.A. family. At that time each child chooses a road name of their own and is assigned a pair of primary contacts that are available them twenty four seven. If a child is fearful of facing their abuser in a court appearance, their B.A.C.A. volunteers happily come along for moral support. Perhaps an abuser has served their sentence and has been released. These amazing volunteers will go camping in the victims front yard if that’s what it take for the little one to feel safe for those first few scary days. There are four levels of non violent protection that can be reviewed on B.A.C.A.’s website

Biker back up is just one of many services the kind and caring members of this amazing group offer to those too young to defend themselves that have been mistreated. Ongoing fundraisers and generous donations from local folks and businesses help allow these admirable unpaid volunteers to assist victims with expenses for much needed and often expensive therapy. Sometimes the best therapy for a child is some good old fashioned fun. The B.A.C.A. volunteers also take their kids on outings for bowling, water slides and every now and then throw a group birthday party.

If you know or have a child that could use some support from the great group at B.A.C.A. give the Child Liason “Squeekie” a call at 530-260-Bike or send her an email to [email protected] Applications and literature are also available through the family court system.

Members need to own or have access to a motorcycle. Full members are expected to attend eighty-five percent of all events and fundraisers. Supporters are welcome too. Supporters are only expected to attend twenty-five percent of events and fund raisers and no motorcycle is required. Supporters owning motorcycles are welcome to participate in all B.A.C.A. rides. The B.A.C.A. Mt.  Lassen Chapter meets  at 2:30 pm on the third Sunday of each month. Interested in becoming a member? You can call “Squeekie” too at 530-260-Bike or visit B.A.C.A. online at Like their vests all say, “No Child Deserves To Live In Fear”. Why not ride for a reason?

Kudos to the nine dedicated bikers of B.A.C.A. Mt Lassen Chapter that serve all of Northeastern California and Northwestern Nevada.

Big Kidd- President

Caveman- Vice President

Ol Goat -Security Officer

Squeekie- Treasurer/Child Liason

Gertie- Secretary/Merchandiser/Events Coordinator

Tauras- Member

Jedi- Member

Nana- Member

Uncle Kracker- Supporter

Levi- Supporter

[/media-credit] Caveman, Gertie, Big Kidd, Squeekie, Ol Goat, Jedi and Nana