By Melissa Wynn

After retiring as Dean of Admissions from Fullerton College Carlene Gibson decided to take a bead working class. From the first day of class, in 2000, she was hooked, and continues to study jewelry making in a variety of mediums. They say you never work a day in your life if you do what you love. Carlene refers to her extensive collection of quality tools as her toys. I’m certain she owns many more pliers than most of the boys. Always involved in education and an eternal student herself, sedentary retirement was not for Carlene. Thirteen years later, you will find original pieces, by this accomplished artist, featured and for sale at the Blue Goose Gallery in downtown Chester. Works of over thirty artists in mediums from crayon to pine needles can be found at this eclectic local co-op. Carlene’s jewelry designs are as varied as the people that purchase them.  Each piece is tediously handcrafted. Her spectacular Sterling Silver Chain Maille pieces are carefully created, link by tiny link, following patterns dating back to the days of noble knights and chain maille armor. One of my p favorite pieces is a stunning wire wrap ring showcasing a sparkling multi-colored Swarovski Crystal.  Several pieces in different styles feature these popular bits of bling, including the beautiful pair of red, white and blue starburst earrings that I had to have for 4th of July. “What fun is art without a bit of whimsy”? asked Carlene as she showed me a very fun necklace she has created from the same shiny spinners you see on fishing lures. How about a pair of dangling football earrings with those amazing crystals in your local teams colors? She makes those too! Fanciful pieces for several holidays show how she is inspired by the everyday as well as the special occasion. Beads and glass, stone and shell, porcelain and metals ,can all be found among the treasures delicately assembled with Carlene’s talented eye and tender loving care. Ms. Gibson’s is a talent that must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. Drop in at the Blue Goose gallery at 607 Main Street and treat yourself to the joyful sensations of trying on a piece by CG Creations. You can also view a few of Carlene Gibson’s pieces online at