By Eileen Majors

Discovering the Yuba River Inn was a pleasant surprise. It all started with getting lost on a snowy winter road. We had ventured into Truckee for a Road Trip and on our way back toward Graeagle we must have taken a wrong turn. Soon we were driving over a mountain pass with some of the most beautiful river front views I had ever seen. The snow was upon us and as we spot. The snow got worse and word had it, we had to turn around and go back over that mountain pass and go another way to get to Graeagle. In the summer time it is a snap. You can take Gold Lake Highway out of Graeagle and venture through this gorgeous high lakes region on your way from Plumas County.

We stumbled upon the Yuba River Inn where we were greeted by Rick. Brothers Rick and Mike Hertzberg have spent 25 years working on the place and their talents show off well. From the plants they are growing in raised beds to the grounds and paths that lead to the cabins, Rick told me they are undergoing a major landscaping project. He was working on a beautiful new area for their quaint sign. We enjoyed hiking around and then kicking back and watching some television.

We traveled into Downieville for dinner. A darling downtown welcomed us and we enjoyed dinner on a deck overlooking the river. There were a few nice spots for such a dining pleasure. Whether you are going on a fishing trip, or are planning a rafting adventure, or wish to come in the winter for some of the best snowmobiling in the country, consider the Yuba River Inn.

Bring a few groceries or enjoy one of the local cafes. Each cabin has a kitchen with dishes and other comforts of home. The scenery is beautiful. The Yuba River is graced with gian round rocks that give it its own personality. This friendly little town welcomes tourists in every season. Year-around activities in the area include mountain biking, fishing, boating, rafting, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, gold panning, horseback riding, skiing, sled- ding, hiking, bird watching, and viewing and photographing a whole host of area wildlife. You’ll find 50 clean, beautiful lakes for your enjoyment in the are. First class golf is nearby at Graeagle, Blairsden, Clio and Gold Mountain.