By Melissa Wynn

Photos Courtesy Of Pine Cone RV Park

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Pine Cone lodge RV

Every May, when the promise of summer lingers in the breeze, Richard and Marge Fernandez hook up their twenty-nine foot Challenger fifth wheel and leave Magalia for their Lake Almanor summer home at Pine Cone Lodge RV Park.  As they pull into the driveway Richard knows his first fishing trip of the year is just minutes away.

“ This is the nicest park on the lake.” Claims Fernandez. “ They even set and level the fifth wheel while we make our first troll for trout. I don’t worry about the boat either. My (boat) slip is included in the space rent and it’s waiting in the water when we get here. When we leave in October they will pull it out, winterize it, wrap it and store it indoors until we come again in May. Outstanding service has brought us back to Pine Cone Lodge eight years running.”

By the time Richard and Marge float in with the first days catch their summer home is ready to go. Each week the staff mows the little lawn and empties the waste can at their beautiful, lakefront, full hook up rv sight. Three minutes from the front door to the boat, and no chores, can’t beat that!

Year after year this lovely couple reunites with the same crowd of summer friends, from the Reno Sparks area, that also call this mountain paradise home for the summer. Lazy sunset strolls on the sandy beach and many a night around a crackling campfire strengthen these special friendships that span decades and the map.

The possibilities are endless in our shady Mountain Valley neighborhood. RV parks, campgrounds and National Forests dot the map from Redding to Reno, Mount Shasta to the sprawling valley near Chico. Be ye gambler, fisherman, prospector or extreme outdoorsman there is an RV community to fit your personality near the outdoor adventure that calls to you.

Hook up your favorite home on wheels and drop in on Richard and Marge, test the sparkling waters of Lake Almanor and maybe Pine Cone Lodge RV Park will become your place to spend the summer worry free in your RV.

Pine Cone Lodge RV

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414 Peninsula Dr.

Lake Almanor Ca 96137