By Melissa Wynn

[media-credit name=”” align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit]As we all become more and more aware of going green, I have paid more attention to what I throw in the wastebasket. It seems the simplest way to begin is to recycle. Not only does building this easy habit keep tons of garbage out of our landfills, it also puts a bit of a jingle in my pocket. During a recent visit to Bullseye Recycling, at  705-810 US 395 just outside of Susanville CA, I learned that I could be getting paid for a variety of things that never occurred to me to recycle.  I always took in my aluminum cans and soda bottles, but did you know you can get paid for your old, dead car batteries?  As long as the registration is current and you have a clear title, you can even take in a whole vehicle. Many plastic containers bring money but Bullseye also takes the ones with no CRV like your laundry soap bottles and milk jugs. Newspapers, cardboard and other paper products should be recycled as well. Save the planet, right?  Don’t forget glass, old wire, scrap copper fittings and all the other metal type clutter that seems to breed in the garage. With just a few trips a year to your local recycle station you too can do your part in the nation wide effort to reuse and recycle. Call ahead to learn what your  local station accepts. A few things on the NO list at Bullseye Recycling include electronics, styrofoam, motor oil and window glass.  There are however other venues to safely dispose of these items as well. Our local landfill has special containers for the motor oil and electronics. As you go through your daily life think before you toss anything in the waste basket or dumpster. Can you reuse it? Can you get paid for it at recycle? Just add a can or two where you dump your trash and soon throwing that water bottle in the recycle can instead of the trash can will become second nature and no bother at all. Together we can change the world, one trash can at a time.