From Flinda France

Look what the Cattlewomen are doing with their presentations regarding “Ag in the Classroom.” The ranching women of Plumas County are dedicated to bringing knowledge of the importance about agriculture to the young students in our communities. They go into classrooms to read and cook healthy beef dishes.
One of our main projects this year has been to present a short DVD called “Life on a Cattle Ranch (a child’s perspective).” It depicts five youngsters and how they live on a real working cattle ranch, and their responsibilities and what they do with their free time. Along with all the props they bring, such as a saddle, spurs, cowboy hat, leather gloves, jackets, belts, and boots, they explain that all their leather goods are made from cows’ hide. They discuss the nutritional value of eating beef, teaching them “Beef has ZIP, zinc, iron and protein” and how important all those are to maintain a healthy mind and body. Kids learn about the origin of cattle brands, then are given a chance to draw their own brand. They also learn about the importance and care of horses on a ranch.
The group takes “Annie Oakley” along, famous Wild West sharpshooter and exhibition shooter of the late 1800’s early 1900’s into the classroom. Cattlewoman Flinda France dresses up as her, and in the first person, gives a short biography of her fascinating life. They bring a book called “Cowboys and Cowgirls Yippee-Yay.”  The book talks about famous cowboys and cowgirls of the Old West. It also tells about the clothing, the gear they used, and the food they ate when on a cattle drive. Kids learn how long of a journey it was for these cowboys and the routes they took to sell the beef for market.
Plumas County Cattlewomen encourage families all over to teach their children about ranching.
Materials used: “Cowboys and Cowgirls Yippee-Yay!” by Gail Gibbons and published by Little Brown and Company Hachette Book Group in New York © 1998; DVD: Life on a Cattle Ranch (a childs perspective) produced by Kern County Cattlewomen Assn.