By A R Mallett
[media-credit name=”” align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit]Wedding photographs are  a precious memory of a wonderful day.  Here are a few tips on looking your best.
Don’t use products containing SPF (sun protection factor) as they can cause white flashback in pictures.  There are some cosmetic lines available with non-reflective SPF.
Primer ensures smooth coverage. Experiment with foundation to find one that gives you a flawless complexion and matches your natural color perfectly. Use a little matte blusher so you don’t look pale in the pictures.
Use eye shadow primer to prevent creasing. Eye makeup should be soft, subtle and matte, enhancing, not overpowering, your natural beauty. Don’t be heavy-handed with eyeliner, which can make the eyes look smaller. Waterproof or “tube” mascara won’t run when you cry.
A colorless lip liner applied outside the edge of the lip will prevent lipstick feathering. If you use a regular lip liner, match it to your lipstick so there is no obvious line. A lip stain will stay in place for hours. A soft lip color will make lips look lush.  Don’t overdo the gloss, it may shine unnaturally in photographs.
Practice your look before the big day, so you can apply your makeup flawlessly.  Look at YouTube videos for lessons, and bridal magazines or websites for different looks. This gives you time to find out if you react to any of the products you use, and you can see how long-wearing  they are. Check the result by taking a photograph.
Apply your makeup before you put on your dress. Last minute efforts to remove spilled mascara or lipstick from your dress could ruin your day and your photographs. Have a small makeup touch-up kit handy on the day, including makeup remover wipes.
Relax and enjoy your big day!
Source: Make Up Artist Anneka Fane
20 February 2013