Hand Carved Carousel Horse Invokes Memories

Just about everyone shares fond memories of their first carousel ride. The exciting organ music, the challenge of trying to catch the brass ring, and awe of the intricately carved horses are permanently etched in our memory.
According to Beverly Smith, owner of the Gift Boutique Antiques and Collectibles in Susanville, the Jeweltone Jessebilled Jumper reproduction shown here is a replica of an actual carousel horse created for the Philadelphia Toboggan Company when it first started producing carousels in 1903.
“The trappings (carved decorations) were initially quite simple, but by 1923 Master Carver Johan Zalar was creating some of the most extravagant trappings ever designed. Each of his originals are signed and numbered,” she said. Reproductions such as this one are often scaled down in size for home décor.

[media-credit name=”Jaime Vega” align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit]Caption:
Jewel Tone Jessebilled Jumper carousel horse. Photo by Jaime Vega.