Use thick, red, pink or white cloth napkins to make your poinsettias.

Press napkins flat. Lay flat and smooth out on clean, flat surface. Fold each corner in to the center and smooth so you see a square with an X quartering it.

Now,  fold all four new corners to the center-point of the napkin again, to create another square, quartered by an X.

Secure the center on the top and bottom using both hands, while you flip the napkin upside down. Smooth flat. Now, looking at the back, fold the four corners to the center-point once again, to again create an even smaller square, again, quartered by an X.

Reach underneath one corner of the square. Pull up a fold flap from the center of the underneath side of the napkin and gently tug it out to form the petal. Repeat with the other 3 corners.

Now reach under to pull out a point between each petal.

Place large bead, pine cone, artificial berry cluster or small shiny ornament in the center to show off the poinsettia, if desired.

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