Before you let the perfectionists get started, remind them that the perfect snowman is the one everyone got to help make. If smaller children will be in on the adventure, make sure you let them place some of the fun stuff like the buttons on his shirt and his carrot for a nose. Memories like this don’t come along everyday.

[media-credit name=”bigstockphoto” align=”alignleft” width=”300″]Winter fun, happy kid playing with snowman[/media-credit]

What you will need:
• Good packable snow (test it by packing a snowball together. If it is too wet, it might not work)
• 4 fairly straight sticks (about 14-16 inches each)
• A scarf
• A hat
• Sticks for arms
• Carrot, Coal, berries, rocks or anything dark to use for the buttons, the eyes, and use a twig shaped like a mouth or small items lined up like cranberries to form a mouth.  Be creative. There are lots of options.
• Other adornments can include an apron, large vest, ear muffs, gloves or mittens, hair bow, bandana, sun glasses, etc.

Start by putting on snow gloves or mittens.

Pack a ball as large as you can while holding it in your hands.  When it is too big, lay it on the ground and roll it away from you. It should collect snow and grow along the way. When you get it to the size you want it to be, pat it down, packing the snow some.

You will need to make 3 big balls of snow. The base will be the largest, the middle medium-sized, and the top will be the smallest to form his head.

Make 3 balls the size you want your snowman to be.
Poke two sticks out of the top of the bottom snowball (base), so it sticks up to about half the size of the middle snowball. Pack some extra snow around the sticks to “glue” the balls together. Drop the middle ball onto the sticks securing it to the base ball, packing snow around the connection. Also pack snow around the base of bottom snowball.

Repeat with top snowball, breaking off sticks to the right size, to imbed about half way into each ball, connecting them.

You can make the snowman without sticks, but it will hold together longer with sticks, since it is likely to melt some by day and freeze at night.

Now comes the fun! Wrap around a scarf around his neck and place a hat with a feather or flower if desired, add apron or vest if desired, then add stick arms. Place buttons down the center of the middle ball. Now make the face. A carrot makes a great nose. You can use coal or rocks for the eyes, cranberries can form a mouth or you can choose a mouth shaped twig. Glasses can work on small snowmen by pushing the arms of glasses right into the snow head.  Be creative, using the supplies collected.

Making miniature snowmen is a fun craft for smaller kids; everyone makes their own. The largest ball is about 7-8” in diameter, the middle one, about 6” and the top one about 4”.  Raisins, miniature carrots,  ribbon for a scarf,