[media-credit name=”bigstockphoto” align=”alignleft” width=”300″]Old Handmade Nativity Scene In Front Of A Christmas Tree[/media-credit]

by Nancy Zaengle

     Fall has become my favorite time of year, especially in Lassen County.  “Sweater weather” brings us inside to curl up by the fire with a good book and a steaming cup of tea!  As Fall gives way to winter’s cold, it is heartwarming to know we can find comfort inside our homes.  As you look around your home, does it reflect a comfortable atmosphere for you and your family?

     With the holidays fast approaching, timeless family traditions are welcomed, and new traditions we create with our families become a heritage for our children and grandchildren.  We seem to be wired to enjoy the simple pleasures, good food, and celebrations that Thanksgiving and Christmas bring.  
     Get in the decorating mood by putting away some of those accessories or pictures that have been “hanging around all year”.  As I get out my Christmas boxes, I put summer and fall items into those boxes and I bring out family keepsakes such as special wall hangings, ornaments & table decorations.  As clutter dissolves, look around at those empty spaces you can use to add your custom touches that make your home unique. Now to dress up your home in the spirit of the season.  A design trend this year is the “Grand Tour” concept; antiquities and classic design, old fashioned items that you don’t see all of the time seem to balance the room.  To my grandchildren’s surprise (and mine) old family treasures become new in our eyes.  If some of your things are worn, treat yourself to a new Christmas accent for the wall or room.
     Be inspired!  Don’t be afraid to bring in lots of color to make the room Pop. Some popular colors this year are ruby reds, teal, terracotta, gray and purple.  Another 2012 trend is lace, plaid, gingham, hounds tooth, and windowpane.  These are easy designs to decorate with during the holidays.  Included in the “Grand Tour” design is “Greco-Roman” style.  What better way to demonstrate the meaning of Christmas than setting out a Nativity scene.  
     If you have a plan, and get it done early in the season, you can enjoy the simple pleasures of the holidays!