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   Chico, originally Rancho Chico, the vast acreage belonging to John Bidwell, was the hub for advancement in agricultural plant development as well as a social and cultural center for the upper Sacramento Valley. From humble Chico Normal School to today’s California State University; the Bidwell Adobe to the Bidwell Mansion; the giant Hooker Oak Tree to the popular Bidwell Park; the Humboldt Wagon Road to Highway 32; and the continuous plant and tree improvement on productive farmland, today’s Chico is vibrant with educational, cultural, recreational, farming and commercial activities. The population of college students, young families and retirees and the housing communities with tree lined streets keeps Chico an attractive place to live. General Bidwell’s legacy is alive and well. – Jo L. Giessner

When coming in to Chico be sure to stop off at one of our wifi hotspots to get all your information and plans in order– to take some of the guesswork out for you here are some of the most popular places rated by the Chico public.

Cafe Coda
‪265 Humboldt Avenue, Chico, CA‬‬‬
‪(530) 566-9476 ‬‎ · cafecoda.com‬‬

Barnes & Noble
‪2031 Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Parkway, Chico, CA‬‬‬

Holiday Inn Chico
‪685 Manzanita Court, Chico, CA‬‬‬
‪(530) 345-2491 ‬‎ · hichicohotel.com‬‬

Antique Stores in Chico

Chico has one of the largest collections of antique stores in the North State. If you like things made to last, or have a special nostalgic place in your heart for things—Chico has every antiquing individuals desires hidden amongst the dusty shelves packed with historic goodies.

Eighth & Main Antique Center
‪745 Main Street, Chico, CA‬‬‬
‪(530) 893-5534 ‬‎‬‬

Orange Street Consignment
‪514 Orange Street, Chico, CA‬‬‬
‪(530) 899-7064 ‬‎‬‬
Chico Auction Gallery
‪926 West 8th Street, Chico, CA‬‬‬
‪(530) 345-0431 ‬‎ · chicoauction.com‬‬

James Snidle-Fine Arts and Main Street Antiques
‪254 East 4th Street, Chico, CA‬‬‬
‪(530) 343-2930 ‬‎ · jamessnidlefinearts.com‬‬

Sandy Gulch Furniture Co
‪1916 Oleander Avenue, Chico, CA‬‬‬
‪(530) 345-4617 ‬‎‬‬

Needham’s Studios
‪237 Broadway Street, Chico, CA‬‬‬
‪(530) 345-4718 ‬‎ · needhamstudios.com‬‬
Country Squyres’ Antiques
‪164 East 3rd Street, Chico, CA‬‬‬
‪(530) 342-6764 ‬‎‬‬

Antiques & Appraisals
‪325 Broadway Street, Chico, CA‬‬‬
‪(530) 228-4821 ‬‎‬‬

5th Generation Antiques
‪124 West 8th Avenue, Chico, CA‬‬‬
‪(530) 895-0813 ‬‎‬‬
Blue Door Art & Antiques
‪225 Main Street, Chico, CA‬‬‬
‪(530) 342-2773 ‬‎‬‬

For more information about the antique stores in Chico visit

While there may be a shortage of skyscrapers and stop n’ go traffic here in Chico, we most certainly are not lacking a place to get a few grass stains on your khakis and a smile on your face. With so much to see, the hardest part is choosing which course to play first!
Canyon Oaks Country Club, Canyon Oaks Course

18 holes over 6,779 yards with a par of 72 (Private Non-Equity)
999 Yosemite Dr
Chico, CA 95928-3948
(530) 343-2582 x16

Butte Creek Country Club, Butte Creek Course
18 holes over 6,897 yards with a par of 72 (Private Equity)
175 Estates Dr
Chico, CA 95928-7499
(530) 343-8292

Bidwell Park Golf Course, Bidwell Park Course
18 holes over 6,363 yards with a par of 72 (Municipal)
3199 Golf Course Rd
Chico, CA 95973-9149
(530) 891-8417

Sunset Hills Golf & Country Club, Sunset Course
9 holes over 1,190 yards with a par of 27 (Public)
13301 Garner Ln
Chico, CA 95973-9290
(530) 342-4600

The Tuscan Ridge Club, Tuscan Ridge Course
18 holes over 6,700 yards with a par of 71 (Public)
3100 Skyway Blvd
Paradise, CA 95969
(530) 624-7006

Lava Creek Golf Course, Lava Creek Course
9 holes over 2,001 yards with a par of 34 (Public)
5325 Clark Rd
Paradise, CA 95969-6325
(530) 872-4653

Paradise Pines Golf Course, Paradise Pines Course
9 holes over 2,529 yards with a par of 34 (Public)
13917 S Park Dr
Magalia, CA 95954
(530) 873-1111

Table Mountain Golf Course, Table Mountain Course
18 holes over 6,690 yards with a par of 72 (Public)
2700 Oro Dam Blvd W
Oroville, CA 95965-9210
(530) 533-3922

All Chico Golf Courses

Photos we should include:
Large:  Downtown Square/Mangrove
Small:  Bidwell/1 mile/Brewery

Reasons to Visit / Attractions/Natural Resources:
Chico Ca, was settled in the northern portion of the Sacramento valley around 1843 and founded in 1860. Placed an hour south of Red bluff, and two hours north of the State capital, Chico is in a world of its’ own while still remaining connected to the pulse of California.  Known for many things, it’s beautiful fall colors, and the Chico State University; Chico offers hiking, biking, swimming, golfing, and lots of local shopping for anyone and everyone. There are plenty of river spots for recreation, fishing, and gold panning.  There is a tight nit community that is family oriented, and a deep History that is still present in the community today.  There is an active music scene and a plethora of good food to be enjoyed. Chico is home to the gorgeous Bidwell Park, the acclaimed Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, and the eco-friendly Kleen Kanteen Company.

BIDWELL PARK-With 3,670 pristine acres of land located in the heart of Chico, Bidwell Park offers a diversity of recreation for the whole area. With a natural swimming pool, horse trails, climbing boulders, mountain biking, paragliding, an 18 hole golf course, fishing, and shooting—there is something here for every nature lover. For more information on Bidwell Park, visit the link below.

SIERRA NEVADA BREWERY-Since the first batch of beer in 1980, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company has continued to push the envelope of brewing, and continues to produce excellent beer, with a commitment to the environment and their community. As the beer became more popular Sierra Nevada has significantly expanded their brewery and restaurant, carrying their commitment to excellence on every level. No visit to Chico would be complete without stopping by the Brewery and either taking a tour, having a meal, drinking a beer, or some combination of the three.  For more information about Sierra Nevada Brewing Company visit their site.

KLEEN KANTEEN- A local manufacturing legend, the Kleen Kanteen Company has been paramount in breaking new sustainable ground for the beverage container industry. Since around 2004 they have been making stainless steel personal beverage containers for Chico, as well as the rest of the world. Motivated by their commitment to the environment, and making the world we live in a better cleaner place, Kleen Kanteen is a product worth supporting and a place worth visiting. Even if the “green” movement is not your cup of tea, you would be hard pressed to find a better place to store it than in a Kleen Kanteen. For more information about the company visit their site.

GATEWAY SCIENCE MUSEUM- Where better to explore the imagination and the mind than in Chico States very own science museum. The Gateway Museum is precisely that, a gateway—into another world. A world uninhibited by our traditional perspective, one where looking at things from a new light is the new norm. Whether it is the exhibit on exploring the mind, or a collection based on finding numbers in Nature, there is one thing for sure, anytime you walk into the Gateway Science Museum, you will leave knowing something that you did not know before. I sincerely recommend for anyone road tripping through Chico to take an hour or two to explore your curiosity here.
For hours, exhibits, history and more visit them at their web site.

Favorite Dining:

Izakaya Ichiban- This Chico original is a diamond in the ruff. Offering high quality sushi, and authentic traditional Japanese cuisine–on a reasonable budget; Izakaya is hands down one of the best places to eat in Chico. I recommend trying a few of their famous “Japanese tacos” and with a tempura eggplant shell stuffed with snow crab or spicy tuna, some fresh greens, and serrano peppers—you will be happy that you did.
Stop by 2000 Notre Dame Blvd. Suite 100, Chico Ca 95928 or visit them online at www.izakayachico.com (530) 342-8500

Cozy’s Diner- When ever you travel some place new, the best way to get a feeling for the town is to visit their best diner. In Chico, Cozy’s Diner is the place to be. Accomplishing exactly what the name suggests—making cozy comforting food and maintaining a friendly staff, the food is hot and very consistent. Generous portions, thrifty prices, good hot coffee, and world class broasted chicken—come on in and have some good eats at Cozys! If you want to make your own cozy experience they are located at 1695 Mangrove Avenue  Chico, CA 95926 (530) 895-1195

5th Street Steak House- If you are from out of town, and trying to have a nice steak dinner, the 5th street steak house has the golden ticket. Located in a classy brick building, the overall ambiance, incredible cuts of tender steak, extensive wine list, and knowledgeable staff create a very comfortable atmosphere. Bring a date, dress up, and enjoy your-self.  This is one of the highest quality steakhouses in the North state, and while their prices reflect it, their food is worth every single penny. For the best results call ahead for reservations, and you will be sure to have a great time.
345 West Fifth Street,  Chico, CA 95926 (530) 891-6328

When coming to Chico, be sure to book a room in advance, seasonal increases (around graduation time) can have significant impacts on pricing and availability. A few local favorites to consider are listed below.
Holiday Inn.

When coming to Chico, be sure to book a room in advance, seasonal increases (around graduation time) can have significant impacts on pricing and availability. A few local favorites to consider are listed below.
Holiday Inn.

685 Manzanita Court Chico, CA 95926(530) 345-2491This traditional favorite is located perfectly in between Chico’s, bustling shopping epicenter, and the charming downtown. Perfect for those who are looking for the familiar comforts of home, no matter how far away you way be from it. With good rates, friendly staff, and excellent management—your best nights rest is only a day away.

Hotel Diamond

220 West 4th St. Chico, Ca 95928

(530) 893-3100

This Chico “gem” sits near the heart of downtown, perfect for parents visiting their new college students, or anyone looking for a touch of class in a country-feeling town. With beautiful rooms, and an upscale look, Hotel Diamond caters to your desires, and aims to please. If it’s your first time in Chico, look no further for a home away from home.

Almond Tree RV Park

3124 Esplanade Chico, CA 95928

(530) 899-1271

Koa Hills

2211 St George Ln, Chico, CA

(530) 809-0935


If you are an avid walker/hiker, then you can be sure that Chico has the right trail for you. For a comprehensive list of hiking trails in Chico visit the site below, be sure to bring comfortable shoes and plenty of hydration along the way. We especially love Bidwell Parks’ walking and biking trails, starting at one mile and stretching in a slow loop among some of the most beautiful trees in Chico. In the fall the leaves look like fire, and in the summer the leaves are a lush green making the perfect backdrop for a relaxing walk. If you feel up to it, the paved trail turns to dirt and continues up to the upper park and can go for many more miles in to the wilderness.
If you are seeking an outdoor adventure and don’t know where to start, swing on by the Forest Service department and ask a few questions, the supervisor would be pleased to answer any questions and help you find the appropriate form of recreation to suit your needs. Visit in person or call, for more information.
US Forest Services Supervisor
825 Humboldt Avenue
(530) 934-3316
For more resources or information visit the Chico Chamber of Commerce site at http://chicochamber.com/ We hope to see you in Chico sometime real soon!
“For map location, Fish and Game information, government resources aimed at tourists, and even real estate and vacation rentals, a general resource directory is located on page 6 and 7.