DISC GOLF COURSE… Located up off of Highway 32, about 3 miles out side of Chico on the way to Chester, there is a hidden gem in the hills, Chico’s very own disc golf course. The Peregrine disc golf course has a magnificent view overlooking all of Chico and has 18 holes for all ranges of players. This beautiful course has something to offer for almost everyone, even if throwing the disc is not really “your thing”. The paths make for a good walk with a great view, and you will be sure to encounter any number of friendly players out having a good time.  Disc golfing is essentially golf, but with Frisbees (discs) in place of balls and baskets instead of holes. The sport, while being around for over 50 years, has recently gained a lot more popularity. The increase in interest has prompted the construction of courses all over the United States and the world.  It is played in over 40 countries around the globe, and is continuing to grow. In the U.S there is a professional league, which at the highest level can pay rather well, and at the lowest level is still a lot of fun. The course in Upper Bidwell Park is managed by the Chico Outsiders group, and has a laundry list of local basket sponsors who help keep the course up and running.  Their mission is to play, to protect and to preserve, rather fitting if you ask me. I have played at the Peregrine course a handful of times and each one has been enjoyable. Just like any sport, each time you play, there is a different experience in store. When playing, loosing a disc to the course is almost inevitable, and while it can be frustrating at times, it is always worth the effort in the end.  I encourage you to go out and give the course a try; it is really an experience worth having. To learn more about the park or disc golfing in general you can visit their website at www.chico-outsiders.com