The term “Wabi’Sabi” is a native American saying for the perfection of imperfection, as well as the name of the art collective located in Chico CA. Emily, the founder of the collective, has been immersed in art from a young age, and has experience in a wide variety of mediums.  Studying the art of batik in South East Asia, and bringing her knowledge back to the states, she has become quite successful. Over the last decade she has focused mostly on concrete coloring and art, and has recently embarked in an artistic partnership with Greg Stanley, building custom furniture out of reclaimed wood.  Their goal is to build spaces that are comfortable for humans and the environment. Emily has recently purchased a building in April and is in the process of revamping it to suit the needs of the art community and the Wabi Sabi collective. The building is a reminder of the days when Chico was built with pride,  and was originally constructed by Phillip Allgeier and his father. Originally a candy distribution warehouse, the building is now home to artists, and renamed The Habitat Lab. While still in the process of being refined, Emily envisions the building being a host to creative people and a place for them to explore all of their ideas, completely uninhibited by societal norms. In the future the habitat lab will consist of all sorts of people, ranging from architects and artists to the simply curious individual. Located at 199 East 13th street, right across from the homeless shelter, the Habitat Lab is breathing new life in to a previously depressed area of Chico.  They are hosting open art nights once a month, in which the community can come and get creative in an adventurous environment, and hosting life-drawing classes twice a month as well. For more information you can find the Habitat Lab on Facebook, or contact Emily for more information at Come on out and touch in with your inner artist, bring a friend, or the family and make something new happen. There is no time like the present, to improve your self, and awaken your creativity.