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Plumas County has an abundance of recreational opportunities, as well as unique scenery, rustic lodging, and personalities that will leave a life long memory. Perhaps one forgotten activity that would interest your family or group is prospecting. With the price of gold sky-rocketing. it certainly is an inviting idea. There are many places left to hunt for the precious metal in the northern motherlode gold fields. There are also many prospecting clubs that hold the rights to many claim sights that offer the novice access to THE GOLD. Remember we are talking about gold, so be careful; make sure you are in an area that
is open to the public or you have specific permission from the claim holder.

Geologists agree that there is more gold left in Plumas County than
was ever taken. The chance of finding a few souvenirs, a large nugget or a pocket of gold is certainly a real possibility.
For those more seriouss individuals the county land records can lead
you to open ground as well as the chance to obtain a claim of your
own. I know from my own experience that going to our family’s claim
has been a highlight of my summer year after year.

To try to explain how to pan or operate a small sluice box is far too
complicated to explain in a few words. I have looked on the Internet
and there are a number of videos that allow you to see the process.
It is doesn’t have to be hard work or a major undertaking to find a
little gold. Come to the creek with your shovel, pick and pan and try your luck. One thing for sure you can’t go wrong visiting  the historic and majestic gold country known as Plumas County.