By Melissa Wynn

[media-credit name=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”300″]bigstock-Fishing-On-Mountain-River[/media-credit]June and July are the time of year that the Sierra offers its best to the serious fly fisherman. The weather is warm and the hex hatch is in full swing inspiring an annual trout feeding frenzy. Sportsman and naturalists from all over the world come to our neck of the woods to share in this marvel of nature. Its an amazing sight to see. Thousands of duns float to the waters surface and hatch en mass, flying away as a single massive cloud. As the hatch begins the trout shift into feeding over drive, trying to catch as many from the fly buffet as they can eat. Come on up with your pole and add your favorite fly to the hatch. You are sure to catch your limit in no time, fish on!

Several lakes and waterways in our area offer a wide variety of places to go for the hatch. Those that prefer lake fishing can catch their fill from Lake Almanor, Butt Lake, Eagle Lake,Frenchman Lake or Lake Davis just to name a few. River anglers are chomping at the bit to fish the world famous hatch along the Feather and Pit Rivers. Hat Creek and Burney Creek are just two of the countless creeks and streams in Mountain Valley Living country that also host the hatch. For a bit of sight seeing and wandering you could fish several of these locations in a single weekend.

Although these areas offer world class trout fishing year round, nothing comes close to the adrenaline pumping rush you get speed fishing the frenzy of the hex hatch.