By Melissa Wynn


Life in the mountains is sprinkled with episodes of unpredictable weather. Heavy snows, gusty winds and the occasional forest fire often lead to power outages for all of us. Being prepared is as simple as having a back-up generator installed in your home or business. Local contractor Cal Thurber of CST Construction and Electric Inc. is our only local Generac dealer. He installed a back up generator in his own home several years ago and says he wouldn’t have anything less for his own family. When his power goes out the generator kicks on automatically and life goes on uninterrupted by the darkness.

Generators for your home or business eliminate the need for candles and lanterns when the lights go out and no more worries about losing the food in your freezer. One might think these handy contraptions come as a one size fits all but Cal taught me that this is not true. Many models and sizes are available to custom fit your needs. A small generator may be all you are looking for. These are just for the basics, run the lights and a few appliances until the power comes back online. You can have such a generator installed in your home starting around $3500-$4000. Larger systems have the capability to run your home or business and are more in the $6000-$8000 range. An outage lasting several days would make it worth every penny. While the neighbors are cooking on the wood stove your family can still be baking in the electric oven and taking hot showers. You could also be the only business on the block still open while the others are forced to close with no power to run the register, computer ect.

Don’t be left in the dark ages. Get a back up generator and be ready when the lights go out. For more information about Generac or generators in general please contact Cal Thurber at CST Construction and Electric Inc. at 530-259-4995. He is the go to guy for sales, service and installation along with general information. Keep the light in your life with a back up generator.