[media-credit name=”bigstockphoto” align=”alignleft” width=”300″]Woman Working With Clay[/media-credit]Aging in Place

by Nancy Lund


“ I joke that at the age of 94 I have embarked on a new career.” Nancy Lund


Did you always wish you could play the piano?  What about ceramics or writing? Are there things you want to do but think you are now too old to try?

When you give yourself permission to look foolish you have taken the first step in  starting something new. Because many of us are own strongest critics we inhibit ourselves from even beginning.  So we need to be told you can’t fail where there is nobody to judge you!

 These words of wisdom come from my own recent experience.  I joke that at the age of 94 I have embarked on a new career.  Seriously, what I have done is enroll in a watercolor painting class.  And I am enjoying it hugely!   Certainly the results are not worth framing but they are mine.  I can hardly wait for next week’s lesson !  I don’t know if Grandma Moses always wanted to be a painter but she decided at some point that she would do it.  I have always been fascinated by the seeming freedom of watercolors and now I’m learning its secrets.

We seniors have the time now to do some of the things that work or family kept us from doing before.  Maybe you took piano lessons as a child but didn’t stick with it.  Why not take it up again?  Admire the needlework that your neighbor is doing?  There are quilting groups in each of our communities.  Always wanted to write?  Do it!

I am confident that you can find the teacher or the class to learn (or improve) your skills right here in Plumas County.  The Feather River College is a good place to start. (toll free:1-800-442-9789 or 283-0282)  If there is nothing currently scheduled, they might offer it if enough people are interested in the subject. Ask the people at the Senior Nutrition Site or at your church if they would join a class if it were offered.  The Plumas Arts Center ( 283-3402)   will have a list of classes and teachers.

Let 2012 be  the year you do one of the things you always wanted to do!