By Melissa Wynn

[media-credit name=”bigstockphoto” align=”alignleft” width=”300″]Winter snowshoeing. Young outdoorsman hiker standing smiling hap[/media-credit]

It’s time once again for the age old question of what to get the mountain men in our lives for Christmas. Their toolboxes are full, the flannel shirt bit ran its course years ago and neckties are just not an option. I say let them play as hard as they work. Who ever dies with the most toys wins right? With all the online auctions, local shopping choices and catalogs, the possibilities are endless. Men from the mountains love to play outdoors so feed the passion. How do your mountain men like to play?

Fishermen can never have too much tackle and nothing makes them shine like a new rod and reel. Maybe a gift certificate from a local merchant for next years fishing license as a stocking stuffer. Fly tying kits and fishing art are also great for the serious angler.

Hunters are among the easiest to shop for, especially if the hunt a variety of seasons. Extra quiver and arrows for the bow hunters. Decoys, camouflage or maybe even a bird dog puppy for the bird hunters. Big game hunters may like a good sharp buck knife, rifle case, new scope or a buck cart for bringing out his trophy.

Snowmobilers and dirt bikers alike can always use more protective gear and of course any of the latest bells and whistles for their favorite off road toys. There are also several books available that list areas all over the country designated for these high speed sports.

Hikers and backpackers like to be prepared but also travel light so be on the lookout for compact versions of camping equipment such as cookware, tent, bedroll and good footwear is a must.

No matter what their favorite sport may be all outdoors men need a complete first-aid kit and a good GPS to find their way back to the truck.

Our mountain men work hard all year, let this Christmas be all about the play!