By Lorraine Shoemaker



Holly has long been associated with Christmas, its deep green and vivid red are the traditional colors of Christmas.  Make an old-fashioned holly wreath to adorn your door this holiday season!

            What You Need:

  •  Wire cutters
  •  Wire wreath form
  •  Florist wire, 24 gauge
  •  Holly branches
  •  Holly berries
  • Gather or purchase a large shopping bag full of holly in 6-inch-long trimmings.
  • Use a wire wreath frame or make your own frame from a wire coat hanger (Simply unbend it and shape into a circle).
  • Attach number-24 floral wire to the wire wreath frame.
  • Select several stems of the 6-inch holly pieces and place them together in a bunch (Thicker bundles make fuller wreaths).
  • Place a stem with berries on top of the bundle of holly. Place the bundle on top of the frame where the floral wire is connected.
  • Hold the bundle in place and wrap the floral wire around the bundle and frame. Wrap the floral wire around the bundle a second time and then pull it tight. Make sure to leave the wire attached to the frame – you’re not finished!
  • Gather another bundle of holly and place it so that the leaves overlap the first bunch and cover the stems. Make sure that the stems on both bunches face the same direction.
  • Continue overlapping the bunches of foliage and wiring them to the frame until you complete the circle.
  • Lift the first bundle and tuck the last one under it. Twist the wire tightly around the last bundle. Knot the wire onto the frame, leaving 1 inch of wire for hanger.

Add our own personal touches, such as clusters of small pine cones, bows,  small ornaments, or stand a figurine (deer, angel, santa) in the bottom center of the wreath and attach with wire or hot glue. Have a fun and happy holly-day!