Taking kids on a road trip? Try playing these fun games in the car!

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Story Book Game
This game is fun, pretty soon everyone will be laughing! This game involves imagination. . . Start off with a sentence of your choice, go around and have everyone add a sentence on to the story. To make it interesting add something silly, or a sentence that doesn’t even make sense!

Guessing Games
For shorter waits, guessing games can work, especially for kids who get bored or frustrated easily. Normally, they are based on yes or no questions… Like, is it an animal? Is it big? Is it a food? If you want, you can even create some cards with names on them, with famous people, animals, or the places you are visiting.

Tongue Twisters
Tongue twisters always get a great laugh! Come up with any sentences, that twist up your words. An example could be: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood! Have everybody try to say it 3 times in a row, quickly.

Guessing Letters
This game is great for a quiet place. One person draws, with their fingers, on another person’s palm, while they have their eyes closed, and the person guesses what letter they drew. Alternate from person to person, except the driver, of course.

Pass a whispered message or sentence from one person to the next. You can only tell them the message once. As it goes around, it will probably end up getting mixed up. It will give the family a great laugh.

I Spy
‘I spy with my little eye something…’ This game is great when kids start to get bored. Look for an object, then give give the people slight clues on what the object is. An example: “I spy something with four legs.” Items spied can be inside or outside the car.

Be sure to bring along Ellie’s word find on page 32 to keep the time passing!