[media-credit name=”bigstockphoto” align=”alignleft” width=”300″]Cartoon Elephant In Black And White[/media-credit]   WHITE ELEPHANT CHRISTMAS PARTY It is a fun idea, whether it is an office party or party with friends or family, this is fun. Maybe you have a really large family and it is hard for everyone to buy gifts. If so, this is a great way to really share the holiday spirit. without breaking the bank.

Announcing it as a White Elephant Gift Exchange, will sum it up for many but you may want to include in the invite, a little instruction: Bring a White Elephant gift for the gift exchange. Wrap something that you do not use but that just the right person may love. Have fun with it! I have seen guests bring everything from board games and decorator items to a new bar sink and a $5 chip from a casino, all hot items as I recall.

It works out especially well if you plan for a double exchange. After everyone chooses a wrapped gift, they are then allowed to trade. It can be that casual, or more fun if you ask guests who may be willing to trade, to stand in one spot with their items. You’d be surprised how much fun trading can be. If kids are involved, have each child pick an item from their room that they are willing to give up, but is still “cool” for somebody. Adults are usually willing to trade with kids when they get a toy and everything works out great.

A careful hostess may have a few extra white elephants stashed for kids just in case one child does get stuck with a wall mirror.