My friend and I decided to leave the season’s first two inches of snow behind us for a short valley trip to Oroville. We made our way through Chico for a few necessities and headed over on Highway 99 for our 30 minute trek to Feather Falls Casino & Lodge. From where I live, the scenic drive down Highway 70 might have been a better choice. The casino is about an hour and 45 minutes from the Junction of Highways 89 and 70 in Plumas County.

There is just something about leaving snow and entering grass and flowers that is a real treat now and then, when you live in the mountains.  From the minute we entered the driveway at Feather Falls Casino and Lodge, we were impressed. Andrea drove in past an old tee pee on the reservation, which we were later told is still used as a sweat house by some of the Native Americans living on the reservation. A beautiful lodge sat to the right of the casino entrance and a four-story parking structure stood behind the neatly designed buildings. We parked outside, right in front, and headed for the main casino building. The staff was waiting to open the doors for us, our first hint of the first class service we would receive. A shimmering marquee  described the many promotions going on in the casino. We had a lunch date with Susan Tiesing, who had offered to show us around.

One of the newest additions at Feather Falls Casino and Lodge is Feather Falls Casino Brewing Company where we would be having lunch. We caught a glimpse of the restaurant/showroom from the second floor. Glass topped, hammered copper tabletops lit up the room. We had a full view of their master brewer in the brewery where they brew nine different beers. The selections include a variety of ales, Hefewezien and Pilsners, with names ranging from Soaring Eagle to Coyote Spirit and a popular choice, Naughty Native. They also offer  64 oz. Growlers of beer to take home and a nice selection of Brewery t-shirts for $10. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It  has a stage for special entertainment along with a 19 foot television screen for sporting events and Sunday and Monday football games. Private, luxurious VIP rooms are available for private parties to watch a sporting event or concert.

Susan showed us around some and left us to go enjoy our lovely, upgraded accommodations. My room was spacious with a comfy couch and chair in the sitting area and a nice bar sink, real glasses, a microwave, refrigerator and top of the line coffee service with real mugs. I love good coffee! A jacuzzi tub and an amazing shower with two shower heads provided even more than the comforts of home. Rugged tile and warm colors accented the room and in fact, the entire hotel. The bed was divine with all the comforts of cotton and piles of pillows.

I had to venture up the elevator to my friend’s room to boast about my fabulous room. Susan had set us up with two rooms and to my surprise, her room was as nice as mine but completely different. I entered the room through the living and dining room which also held a bathroom, comfy living room and dining set with a nice counter area for the coffee service, refrigerator and microwave.  Through a door, a separate bedroom held a king sized bed, a gorgeous entertainment center and another bathroom. The bedroom had sliding glass doors and a balcony! Oak trees lined the views from both rooms and the balcony. We both decided right then and there, ‘We’ll be back!”




For lunch, we had a tough time choosing from the many sandwiches, fabulous salad choices, and appetizers on the menu. When our server told us about the roasted chicken and mushroom soup (homemade!), I had to try it. It was enhanced by roasted red peppers and was delicious. Susan pointed out that everything in the restaurant is homemade. After much deliberation over the Open Faced Lobster Melt, I opted for the Southwest Chicken Sandwich with Chipolte mayo,  pepper jack cheese, avocado, red onion and tomato atop a very tasty, seasoned chicken breast. There were several alluring sandwiches, most under $10. A giant selection of salads included a Berry Truffle Prawn Salad,  Chicken Fajita Salad, a teriyaki-glazed Asian Steak Salad and Baby Spinach Salad with an option to add Shrimp Skewers for just $4. Salads range from 4.95 to $13.95.

Chef’s specialties include their Naughty Native Fish and Chips, Grilled Seafood Tacos and one of my favorites, Indian Tacos!

While the Feather Falls dinner buffet was highly recommended, we couldn’t resist returning to the brewery for one of their dinner options. The menu has a wide range of choices (including lunch choices).

We pondered over the pasta choices and had to take a second look at the Lobster & Shrimp Mac ‘n Cheese. Hmm.. now there is a new twist on an old favorite. Crimini Mushroom Ravioli sounded great with jumbo stuffed raviolis drenched in fragrant basil cream sauce, served with garlic-sauteed baby spinach. Okay, I admit I am a red meat lover so I opted for the smallest cut of Prime Rib (more than I could eat!). It was served with baked potato and medley of fresh vegetables, all delicious.

Our salads arrived in beautiful display on rectangular white plates with a square bowl of homemade dressing on the side. I opted for the Caesar, a standard choice with dinner and the dressing was fabulous. Andrea chose the house salad with a very delicious raspberry vinaigrette and candied pecans. For her entree, she chose the Blackberry BBQ Salmon and described the sauce as the best barbecue sauce she’d ever tasted. A hint of blackberries in this sauce covered a thick salmon steak. She loved it. A nice selection of Sushi also complements the menu at Feather Falls Brewery.

Dessert sounded great but we just could not do it.


After a good night’s sleep in our gorgeous rooms, we enjoyed breakfast at the buffet. A wide range of fresh fruits, pastries and breakfast entrees lined the buffet. Eggs and omelets are cooked to order in this buffet which also grills burgers at lunch and offers steaks, grilled to order, with dinner.

If you enjoy casino gaming, you will appreciate the packet of coupons for each day which comes with your room key. We were given free play and dining discounts.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Oroville at Feather Falls Casino and Lodge. It is a big facility decorated with a taste for elegance. The staff, many part owners as members of the tribe, were very friendly and accommodating.