Share a cup of Christmas tea.

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With the holidays often comes bad weather and for some elderly folks who don’t easily get around, not much reason to venture out of the house. This is a perfect time to stretch your boundaries, jump out on that limb and go visit someone who could really use a lift.

Even with the best intentions, it is tough to do. ‘Suppose they want to be alone. Suppose they don’t even remember me’, you might think. You may be worried you will not be welcomed, while the recipient may be embarrassed by your kindness and not “dare” to bother you any further by even asking you in. You may need to be the bold one here. Have a little gift put together with a card and some bags of herb tea or packages of hot cider mix. Include at least one sugar free, caffeine free choice. Sugar Plum Fairy by Celestial Seasonings is a great cup of Christmas tea without sugar or caffeine. A gift might be an ornament, slipper socks, dried fruits and nuts or a homemade treat.

In being the bold one, be prepared to say, “May I come in and make you a cup of Christmas tea?” If you are not welcomed in, you might offer again, letting them know you have a some free time  if they need any help with a holiday chore. If not, simply wish them a happy holiday.  Likely, if they are not afraid, or afraid of bothering you, a warm and wonderful visit should be the result.

If I could know just how your feel, Or see your lonely side,

then I would come and sit with you, if only for a while,

Maybe you could tell me a good old story or two,

Maybe I could help you with a chore you have to do.

Perhaps I can share with you a little bit of me.

While perhaps the two of us could share a cup of Christmas Tea.

Recommended reading: A Cup of Christmas Tea by Tom Hegg and illustrated by Warren Hanson