Recycling 101

by Bobby Snyder,

Bullseye Recycling – Susanville



* The first thing you need to do, is get individual containers to separate your material (trash cans,buckets)

* You should start small, so glass in one container, plastic in one container and cans in another.

* Once full, bag up and bring in to Bullseye Recycling.

* When you get into the routine then you can add more containers and start separating your paper and cardboard to save on dump fees and keep items that can be recycled out of the landfills.

* You can start with three cans: one for your CRV material, one for your paper goods (paper and cardboard) and one for your non-CRV container (tin, food containers, ect…).

* Look carefully on your labels to see if the say CA CRV. If it is not on the label then it is  not a CRV container. Aluminum cans have the CA CRV markings on the top of the container. All food products are non-CRV and all dairy products are non-CRV.