By  Marsha Street

[media-credit name=”Marsha Street” align=”alignnone” width=”285″]Glenna[/media-credit]   Glenna Lee comes from a long line of artists, writers and musicians. Her grandmother was a prolific painter, writer and actress. Her uncle and aunt, Bob Cole and Chris Stevenson, are professional Bluegrass musicians, who tour frequently and have appeared in many movies including “Back to the Future”. Her mother, a retired RN, enjoys working with charcoal drawings.

Glenna first encountered Mountain Valley Living many years ago when she and several members of her family moved from the San Joaquin Valley to the Susanville and Westwood areas. During this time, she attended Lassen College and gave birth to her only child, Justin. She and her son returned to Modesto, CA where she continued her education and received her BA in Fine Arts and a Master’s Degree in Expressionism in the multiple areas of art, literature and music. While obtaining her educational degrees and raising her son, she worked for California State University,  Stanislaus, as an editor and art director for publications and a lecturer in the Communications Department.

Glenna has produced many collections of art based on a particular dramatic theme.  “My main interest,” she says, ” is to capture movement through color, texture, brush strokes and line of vision.”  In her animal portraits, she depicts movement through the curvio-linear treatment of mane, tail or body position. Her rural landscapes are accomplished by emphasizing angles, perspective and the wind-swept flow of nature.

Glenna now resides in Westwood, CA and is currently committed to the creation of her “Children and Nature” series (sprinkled with a little fantasy) which she hopes to complete within the year. She finds this particular location to be quite beautiful and inspiring. Aside from painting, her favorite activities are taking her dog for long nature walks and riding horses. She hopes to develop her new website soon and is also accepting consignments for animal portraits and other projects.

She can be reached by Cell phone: (530) 816-2295,  Mail: PO Box 1526, Westwood, CA 96137 or Email: [email protected]

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