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Safely remove and relocate bats * Clean up hazardous guano in attics * One way bat doors installed * Bat houses sold and installed * Home Inspections * Licensed * Bonded * Insured

With over twenty eight years experience as a licensed contractor in the state of California, Gary’s Bat and Bird Removal should be your first call. As a registered bat excluder with Bat Conservation International (BCI), we only use approved exclusion methods and materials.  Gary’s Bat Removal Service is a FULL SERVICE BAT EXCLUDER. Exclusion is the ONLY effective solution for permanently removing bats from buildings. Trapping and relocating alone is ineffective since bats have excellent homing instincts and simply return, even when released at great distances. The use of pesticides against bats is illegal and counterproductive. Poisoning greatly increases the likelihood of bats coming into contact with people and pets.

Ultrasonic devices, chemical repellents, and smoke are not approved by BCI as effective methods to evict bats from buildings. In addition, canned spray foam is not an approved sealant for cracks and holes in most situations. It is not only unattractive, but can result in the death of bats that come into contact with it. This product should never be used when bats are still present. Our service uses exclusion methods that ensure the safety of both bats and people.

Gary’s Bat Removal is    **Recommended by Bat Conservation International as a preferred Bat Excluder **

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