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MADE IN USA: New Product Designed to Lead Emergency Vehicles to Addresses




Steve Smith of Redding, CA is excited about his invention and it shows. After years spent working in residential service for a utility company trying to locate addresses, he had to wonder how much trouble emergency response crews also had finding addresses. So, he decided to do something about it. He designed plans and a prototype. Approximately two years later, Smith found a manufacturing company that recognized his vision and together they produce Reflectaddress, highly adhesive address markers, designed for permanent use.

The markers have been independently tested under extreme weather conditions and for U.V. protection. Reflectaddress offers a manufacturer’s 10-year guarantee. Smith said, “Number markers reflect any light that is directed toward them, which makes them light up like a light.” He suggests you take this little test at your house:

1.  Next time you approach your home, look at it through the eyes of a stranger. Are your address numbers easy to locate? If so, congratulate yourself; you are in among a small minority, according to Smith.

2. Now, drive in at night and take the same test. Are your address numbers easy to locate? If you can pass this test, Smith applauds you and estimates you are in the low 5% of all homes bearing addresses that are visible at night.

Reflectaddress numbers are sold separately for $7.50 and can be seen at www.reflectaddress.com, or you can call and order them from Steve at (530) 355-0856.